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2016-2017 CALENDAR

11  /  2015



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Saddle-stitch binding

In November 2015, I created a calendar for the Jan. 2016 - Jan. 2017 year. Since I was the "client" for this project I got to have complete creative freedom so I made it something I would want to have hanging in my own room. I wanted to have all the months look cohesive but not look exactly the same. To do this I kept the gold-foil letters for each month and kept the watercolor look for all the imagery. 


I also learned how the saddle-stitch binding, and cutting on the polar cutter worked on a project like this. In the end I posted a picture on my social media, and I had tons of girls asking me if they could get one. So I ended up selling about 20-30 of them for $10 each and since it was right before Christmas they made great Christmas presents. 

Below is the front and back cover as well as a few of my favorite months.

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