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01  /  2014  -  05  /  2014



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator




Timeline is a 12-piece magazine cover series I created, where each edition represents a different decade of fashion primarily in the 1900s. Since I was the "client" for this project I got to have complete creative freedom in the 5 months I worked on this. Not only did I have to learn a lot about the Adobe Creative Suite since this was one of my first times using it, but I also had to do a lot of research to make sure I was accurately portraying the fashion of each time period.


I did this project to really explore different medias and how I could tie them into the digital world. I mainly used water color and ink to draw the girls and then I would Photoshop them into these digitally created backgrounds. I even used gold nail polish at one point to get the buttons on the girls' dresses to "shine." Overall, it was a great learning experience and really expanded my knowledge in the Creative Suite and in my illustration skills.

Below you can browse through all 12 of the pieces.

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