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01  /  2014  -  02  /  2014



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In January 2014, I started working on my second CD artwork project for Beth Marlin's Blackbird album.I was given a lot of free reign to be creative as long as it had her image on the front and had all of the information. I designed the album artwork which included a front cover, back cover, and disc. Initially I had an in-person meeting with the artist and producer to get a feel of what they wanted and to sort out a deadline and a price, from here they gave me about a month to complete the project.

I chose to go with the "blackbird" theme so I kept it black & white. After talking to her and realizing how much of a creative fun person she was, I portrayed this on the album through using hand-lettering, flowy fonts and the illustrations of the bird and feather. This made it seem for down-to-earth and definitely captured her artistic vibe.

Below are images of the artwork. Click to enlarge.

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