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08 / 2014,

10 / 2015,

07 / 2016



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In August 2014, I worked on Daniel Rodriguez's A Glorious Christmas CD album artwork. In October 2010 I designed his Hour of Power DVD and CD artwork, and in July 2016, I layed out the artwork for his God Bless America CD album. 

I was given about a month to 2 months to work on each project.

For all of these projects I designed the album artwork which included a front cover, back cover, disc, and inserts. I also had to communicate with the artist, producer and printing company to make sure everything was done how the client wanted and would print correctly and on time. 

Below outlines more details about each project.

08 / 2014

Here is the Christmas CD I designed. It had a 4-page inside panel which was my biggest challenge due to the fact that Daniel wanted a lot of text and pictures to fit in such a small space. In the end I was able to convince him to add another panel (making it 4) so that everything would fit and not look too cluttered. 

Click on the images below to enlarge.

10 / 2015 

Over a year later, Daniel contacted me agin to design and layout the artwork for another CD album he had coming out. I had to make this in CD and DVD sizes. The hardest part of this project was incorporating all the imagery he requested. I overcame this by making the imagery the backgrounds with white overlays so that all the text could still be easily read.

Click on the images below to enlarge.

07 / 2016

Almost a year later, Daniel contacted me again about recreating the artwork for a previous album he had done. They sent me pictures of the old artwork but did not have the files anymore and needed to alter some of the text on the back. This was difficult because I had to find the American flag background image you see on the backside that worked well with the front that was already created. I also had to photoshop the front to look like it wasn't just a scanned picture. (Click on the images the the left to enlarge.)

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