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02  /  2016  -  PRESENT




Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Starting in February 2016 I got hired at STRIDE, Cal Poly Center for Obesity Research, as their PR Media & Graphics Coordinator. Working around 10 hours a week, I work with the researchers and Project Coordinator to "beautify" all collateral they need. This ranges from laying out lesson plans, to logo design, to creating posters and flyers. They run many programs in the community to promote health and need all of their collateral to be designed so it is easy to read and understand and wants to get people to participate.

Besides just creating all of this material in English, I also have to recreate everything once I am given the Spanish translations. At first this was a challenge, but now my Spanish is improving and over time this has become no problem.One of the main challenges I face though is keeping in not only STRIDE's branding standards but also Cal Poly's. Everything I make has to fall in those brand guideline or it cannot be used so it is something I have to always keep in mind when designing.

I also had to learn Drupal on the job when my co-worker who ran the website quit. Again this was a challenge since I had to teach myself, my but I learned quick and was able to get an online newsletter out in a couple weeks. Check out their website that I completely redid after they went through a change in leadership last fall ( 

This summer I worked around 20 hours a week and gained even more experience as bigger projects kept coming up.

Below are samples of work I have created.

stride newsletter
stride website
mommy van
financial proposal
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